Just a place to put my stuff!


This is Jamsy, a music app for iOS. Designed and coded by me (sound engine by Nils Iver Holtar).



Jamsy is an all-in-one music composition tool based on one idea: make it really easy create a piece of music, without the need for technical or theoretical prerequisites.

The development of Jamsy started after coming up with the idea for a technical system that would identify the notes that fit into a musical context , in real time. The system is called Guided Workflow™ . After securing a patent for the concept I have proceeded to develop Jamsy towards a release in 2017.

At this point we're very close to release if the iPhone version of the app, which includes 3 music styles, and a whole lot of ridiculously-easy-music-making-action. Stay tuned :)

If you are a person that have a special interest in this product, please do get in touch.